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A bookshop, library, bar, restaurant and events space, now with three locations in three cities – Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu
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Wednesday, October 1 19:00 书镜会客厅(第一期)

Wednesday, October 1 19:30 Chengdu Bookworm Writing Group

Wednesday, October 1 21:30 Music: Hand Print Jazz Band

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你不知道的 “闪小说”

时间:2014年10月6号,下午15:00-16:30(免费入场) 你不知道的 “闪小说”。主讲人:王平中、侯秀文 王平中:中国闪小说学会副秘书长,四川省小小说学会副会长,资阳市作家协会秘书长,安岳县作家协会副主席。出版小小说集《满姑告状》、《今夜门为谁开》、《赔你一只花蝴蝶》(二人合集),闪小说集《猜猜我是谁》、《我终于赢了》。 侯文秀:80后,四川渠县人,现居遂宁市安居区。四川省作协会员,四川省小小说会员,安居区作协秘书长,出版有小小说集《左拐弯、右拐弯》。 “闪小说”之名源自英文的 Flash Fiction。欧盟正在举办“欧洲闪小说28”项目,将欧洲青年作者的闪小说介绍给中国读者。值此之际,我们邀请您来现场聆听第一篇德国青年的闪小说。并和四川本土的闪小说作者一起关注什么是闪小说以及闪小说在中国的发展。


时间:2014年10月1号,晚上7:00-9:00点(免费入场)   书镜会客厅(第一期) 失去加西亚·马尔克斯之后的百年孤独 《百年孤独》1967年一问世,随即轰动了世界文坛,70年代传入中国之后,他的“魔幻现实主义”在这片土地上以不同的形式影响了一整代的先锋作家。马尔克斯是个什么样的人?什么是“魔幻现实主义”?为什么它会在中国掀起如此大的影响?以及它在中国是如何传播的?这些问题都将一一为你解答。 分享人:陈心中黄一鸾 书镜会客厅是老书虫与三重奏镜像书吧合办的会谈式沙龙,每期将邀请不同的嘉宾对某一主题进行讨论。这是老书虫开办的新的中文活动,欢迎各位朋友踊跃参与。   感谢关注老书虫的活动,如有疑问,请联系: events [at] chengdubookworm [dot] com

Introduction to City of Literature UNESCO program

  September 26th, Friday, 7:00pm (free entry) Meeting with Ali Bowden, the Director of Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust, and representatives from all Cities Of Literature: Melbourne, Norwich, Reykjavik, Dublin, Krakow and Iowa City who will introduce to us the City of Literature designation and their work and goals. City of Literature is a UNESCO […]

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Hot New Books

Bamboo Goalposts

Bamboo Goalposts

Rowan Simons

The New Middle East. The World After The Arab Spring

The New Middle East. The World After The Arab Spring

Paul Danahar

Northern Girls. Life Goes On

Northern Girls. Life Goes On

Sheng Keyi

About The Bookworm

About The Bookworm

The Bookworm is a bookshop, library, bar, restaurant and events space, now with five locations in three cities - Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu.

The Bookworm is forever expanding its book offering - at the last count, we were able to boast 16,112 titles on our library shelves. Our bookshop offers a wide range of sometimes surprising tomes, and our talks continue to beguile our audiences. Find more details about us, and how to contact us, here.

Cantonese Style Sweet & Sour

Boneless Pork Sirloin or chicken with onion, carrot and peppers tossed in a Cantonese Style sweet and sour sauce served with steamed rice

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

A variety of cookies: oatmeal raisin, chocolate chips, peanut butter, with ice cream sandwiched between 2! Great for sharing! (limited availability)

Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Truffle Oil

Elbow pasta tossed with bacon, parmesan and cheddar cheese topped with a bed of ritz crumble served with side salad

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