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A bookshop, library, bar, restaurant and events space, now with three locations in three cities – Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu
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Our Upcoming Events

Wednesday, April 29 19:30 Chengdu Bookworm Writing Group

Wednesday, April 29 21:30 Music: Hand Print Jazz Band

Thursday, April 30 21:30 Music: John&Matthew (guitar + vocal)

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Valentine’s Day Special Menu

Take your Valentine’s date for a romantic dinner at The Bookworm Chengdu and celebrate the day of romance with great food:   Starter 前菜: Mango and strawberry salad, with mozzarella cheese, roasted peanuts and sesame dressing / 芒果草莓沙拉配花生粒 (35RMB) Main course 主菜: Grilled salmon over mashed potatoes and steamed onions with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce / 煎三文鱼配土豆泥和蔬菜 (90RMB) Dessert […]


大家好,非常感谢你们对老书虫和出版社的支持! 《麻辣》是诞生于成都老书虫的文学杂志,专门发表英文的短篇文学作品和艺术作品。杂志目前已经出到了第三期,之前主要以旅居中国的外国朋友的作品为主。从第四期开始,《麻辣》将加入更多中国朋友(地域不限)的优秀作品,将其加以翻译并发表在杂志上。如果你和你的朋友有好的作品(短篇小说,非小说,诗歌等),欢迎向《麻辣》投稿! 第四期《麻辣》的主题是“重建” (Reconstruction). 如果你的作品与这个主题相关是最好不过的,但如果没有也没有关系。具体事项请参见《麻辣》杂志网站的投稿页面: 该网站目前还是英文版本,但相关内容即将被翻译成中文,敬请期待。我们也将在这里和各地老书虫微信平台上更新相关信息。 杂志投稿请发至 同时欢迎《麻辣》官方网站 欢迎大家分享这个消息并参与到老书虫的文学大家庭中来! MaLa Issue 4 on the theme ‘Reconstruction’ is now accepting submissions! This issue is looking for Chinese creaters of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art Your writing will be translated and published alongside international writing and artwork to create The Bookworm’s next literary journal Submissions accepted until April 10th 2015 […]


  Our service on Monday, February 2nd (all day) will be restricted to beverage service due to the maintance in the kitchen. Our normal service will resume on Tuesday, February 3rd. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. The Bookworm Chengdu   二月二号(星期一),由于厨房的清洁和维修,老书虫当日只提供酒水。二月三号(星期二)恢复正常营业。如有不便,敬请原谅。 成都老书虫

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Hot New Books

Bamboo Goalposts

Bamboo Goalposts

Rowan Simons

The New Middle East. The World After The Arab Spring

The New Middle East. The World After The Arab Spring

Paul Danahar

Northern Girls. Life Goes On

Northern Girls. Life Goes On

Sheng Keyi

About The Bookworm

About The Bookworm

The Bookworm is a bookshop, library, bar, restaurant and events space, now with five locations in three cities - Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu.

The Bookworm is forever expanding its book offering - at the last count, we were able to boast 16,112 titles on our library shelves. Our bookshop offers a wide range of sometimes surprising tomes, and our talks continue to beguile our audiences. Find more details about us, and how to contact us, here.

Cantonese Style Sweet & Sour

Boneless Pork Sirloin or chicken with onion, carrot and peppers tossed in a Cantonese Style sweet and sour sauce served with steamed rice

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

A variety of cookies: oatmeal raisin, chocolate chips, peanut butter, with ice cream sandwiched between 2! Great for sharing! (limited availability)

Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Truffle Oil

Elbow pasta tossed with bacon, parmesan and cheddar cheese topped with a bed of ritz crumble served with side salad

Food & Beverage

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