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A Visual Representation of Latin American Culture in USA

A Visual Representation of Latinos in the United States:

Three Perspectives on Latino/Chicano Culture

In 2050, Latinos are predicted to be the dominant group in the U.S., comprising over 50% of the population. The American landscape has already been transformed by the presence of this group labeled “Latino,” as the visual images shown in this presentation will depict. The images will be analyzed from the perspectives of three professors from Arizona State University: Jesús Rosales, from the Chicano perspective; Carlos Vargas, from the Latino immigrant point of view, and William Brashears represents the “Latinized Gringo.


Monday, July 10th, 7.00PM, 2017


@ the Bookworm (2-7, East Yujie St., 28 Sect. 4th,South Renmin Rd)


English Event ( the main language is English  )

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