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Q and A with Vicky Mohieddeen, Curator of EUFF Shorts

The Bookworm will be hosting three days of short films as part of the EUFF. Showings are free to attend and there will be specials on food and drinks. The films will be shown in the original language with English and Chinese subtitle. Check here for the full schedule!

Below, read our interview with Vicky Mohieddeen, founder of Electric Shadows and curator of this year’s EUFF Shorts.

Bookworm: What is EUFF?

Vicky Mohieddeen: EUFF is the European Union Film Festival in China, a chance for all 27 European member states to showcase the best of their national cinema, and help create cultural bridges between Europe and China.
BW: What does it mean to be a curator?

VM: A short film curator’s job is not only to select certain films but to put them together in interesting ways, creating new stories and
meaning through juxtaposition. The challenge with EUFF: SHORTS was finding a way to create cohesive strands with extremely diverse source material.
BW: How many entries?

VM: We viewed over 100 films from all over Europe to create the programmes.

BW: How many were chosen to be included? How did you choose?

VM: We included one film from every country which submitted – 18 in total. We wanted films which evoked a stunning sense of place and after selecting the films which reached this goal best, I started places the films in different combinations and identifying common themes and selected films which told interesting stories through place and brought a new sense of storytelling to the Chinese audience.

BW: Did you have any favorites? Why?

VM: I absolutely love the UK entry PARIS/SEXY – although it’s pretty difficult to watch at times, it is one of the most beautifully shot
films I’ve ever seen. The Dutch film JACCO’S FILM is funny, interesting and heartfelt – it’s a great short, very enjoyable and from the second programme the French film WALKING is an absolute pleasure!

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