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Screening with Zhong Chen

Zhong Chen

Film Title: Ma Xiaobing’s Summer (马小兵的夏天)

Length: 72 minutes

Ma Xiaobing seeks to move his mother’s tomb to his father’s burial site so that they can re-unite in the Other World. But the Chinese urbanization makes this no easy task. In a city of constant change,  Xiaobing’s attempt to grasp on to something of meaningful permanence.

Main Credits:
Writer & Director: Zhong Chen
Camera: Zhong Chen
Music Composer & Arranger: Dirk Roelof Kroon

Director’s Bio: Zhong Chen first studied engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing and got a Bachelor in Mechanics. Then he turned to make indie films and went to Temple University in Philadelphia USA to study filmaking and received a MFA degree in 2003. He is now based in China. His film and video works have been exhibited in numerous international film festivals.

Director’s Filmography (selected):
Sichuan Street Songs (1999)
Last Days Before the Flood (2010)
Red White (2010)

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