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Happiness From The Perspective of Literature


The pursuit of happiness is a continuous goal that human beings have strived for in their daily life throughout history. Great philosophers have cast their wisdom to enlighten us by sharing their views toward it. In fast-paced modern life, has happiness ever knocked your door and slipped away? Where and how can we find that fulfilled feeling within, emotionally and mentally? Are we sharing the same source of hapiness? And how do the writers see happiness?
Swedish and local writers will sit together and exchange their perspectives on happiness at the Bookworm on June 13th. Sweden ranks high in the Human Development Index, and Chengdu, is well known in China for its unique environment and laid back lifestyle. How do people live in these places define and seek happiness? And as writers, how their work and life affect the state of happiness?
Confucious said that it is a great pleasure to meet up with friends from far away. The Bookworm is delighted to have the Swedish writers under its roof. A rare chance to speak to Swedish writers face to face, do not miss it, come along to enjoy a night immersed in happinese.

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