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Green Drinks lecture on food safety and environmental protection

Zhao's Farm

June 16th, Monday, 7:30 – 9:00 pm (free entry)


Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) at Anlong Village – In the Words of a Local Farmer

To reduce the impact of non-point-source rural pollution on Chengdu’s rivers, and promote sustainable rural development, Chengdu Urban Rivers Association (CURA) launched its ‘Upstream Ecological Model Village’ project in 2005, at Anlong Village. Through a closed-loop ecological system that comprises of ecological farming, biogas digesters, composting toilets, and household wastewater treatment systems, CURA sought to protect the rivers by improving the rural environment.

Ecological farming is of course a key component of the Anlong ecological system, and is operated on the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. Since 2005 dozens of farming households have attempted the ecological farming component, and currently there are 9 households that have persisted with the CSA. These ecological farmers have abandoned the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, work in their fields mostly by hand, and operate weekly deliveries to send healthy, safe, and fresh produce to their ‘clients’ in Chengdu. They are also an experienced lot, having practiced ecological farming for the past 7-9 years.

On Monday, we are pleased to have invited an ecological farmer from Anlong Village, Mr. Zhao Fugui, to share his joys and challenges in the practice of CSA. We sincerely welcome all who are concerned with food safety and environmental protection to join us in this conversation, and explore together the future of the CSA model here in Chengdu!






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