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Bookworm’s Music Scene: Monday with Mark&Mona

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Every Monday from 8:30pm


About Mark:

Mark has been playing at the Bookworm since September, 2013.  He works with Matthew on guitar on Thursdays, backs up Mona singing on Mondays, and plays solo piano on Tuesdays.

His musical background is quite varied. Having played with Top 40 bands, jazz bands and rock bands throughout the 1980’s, he moved over to solo piano full time in 1990. A timely call to Carnival Cruise Lines sent him off to sea playing solo piano on ships for the next 15 years.

Originally, Mark arrived in Chengdu to teach English, but soon met up with the local musicians and happily found himself completely immersed in music once again.

You’ll hear different sides of Mark depending on which night you come to hear him play. His personal favorite is Tuesday night, the night he does his solo piano performance.  It is there that his years of exposure to every kind of music imaginable shines through.

Coming up soon to completing his first year in China, Mark is happy to be playing music again and being surrounded by such a wealth of great musicians and great people.

About Mona:

Mona, 21 year-old jazz singer. She is both talented in jazz and pop music, she has a mediant-range voice with both sentiment and strength. Now she’s been singing in Bookworm for 4 months, waiting for you to come on Mondays.

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