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A Booktalk with Garrett H. Jones

Garrett Jones will present Catharsis, in which he explores Calvinism and how he sees it has influenced modern religion.

About the Author
Garrett H. Jones lives out the word contrast. He is a homegrown, sweet-tea-raised, t-ball champion from Augusta, Georgia (USA). He co-founded Extravagant Yak Travel Company, which keeps him, his wife and four blonde children in Chengdu, the gateway city to…pretty much everywhere now. His family also hails from Vancouver and Atlanta, where they regularly visit. Despite all the travel, he is actually a homebody that just wants to stay at home with his wife and watch their kids grow very, very slowly. When he is not with them, he can also be found in a local cafe with a latte and his computer.

Friday, May 19th   7.30PM

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