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Three Upcoming Literary Festivals 老书虫三场文学节即将开幕

The Bookworm is very pleased to announce that we will be coordinating 3 exciting literary projects over the coming months.



Beijing International Book Fair Literary Salons

August 20-27, 2017

 On the occasion of the 24th Beijing International Book Fair, the Bookworm, in cooperation with CNPIEC, will coordinate a series of Literary Salons featuring leading Chinese and international writers in the China International Exhibition Centre and in the Bookworm.


2017年8月20 -27 日


The Inaugural EU-China International Literary Festival

Beijing and Chengdu (November 21-28, 2017)

 In a new initiative developed by the Delegation of the European Union to China, the Bookworm will run the inaugural EU-China International Literary Festival in November. The festival will bring together writers from the European Union and China for a series of public events showcasing EU and Chinese finest literary talents. The first festival will visit Beijing and Chengdu and it is planned to feature different cities in subsequent festivals. The festival is part of the Experience Europe public diplomacy campaign that aims to engage Chinese audiences and help them to directly experience aspects of EU culture.


北京、成都 (2017年11月21 – 28 日)


The 11th Bookworm International Literary Festival

March 8-24, 2018

 The Bookworm International Festival will be back in March 2018 to bring together writers and readers from China and around the world to celebrate literature and ideas in Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou.


2018年3月8 – 24日


For further information contact Peter Goff on136-7121-2235, or

详情联系Peter Goff, 电话 136-7121-2235或 邮箱

A Visual Representation of Latin American Culture in USA

A Visual Representation of Latinos in the United States:

Three Perspectives on Latino/Chicano Culture

In 2050, Latinos are predicted to be the dominant group in the U.S., comprising over 50% of the population. The American landscape has already been transformed by the presence of this group labeled “Latino,” as the visual images shown in this presentation will depict. The images will be analyzed from the perspectives of three professors from Arizona State University: Jesús Rosales, from the Chicano perspective; Carlos Vargas, from the Latino immigrant point of view, and William Brashears represents the “Latinized Gringo.


Monday, July 10th, 7.00PM, 2017


@ the Bookworm (2-7, East Yujie St., 28 Sect. 4th,South Renmin Rd)


English Event ( the main language is English  )

让真正的美食唤醒你的味觉,7月9日下午和美食作家Carolyn Phillips一起畅聊中国佳肴

This event will mainly be in Chinese 


About the Author


Carolyn Phillips is a food writer, scholar, and artist. She is the author of the fully illustrated All Under Heaven: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China (McSweeney’s + Ten Speed Press, August 2016) and The Dim Sum Field Guide: A Taxonomy of Dumplings, Buns, Meats, Sweets, and Other Specialties of the Chinese Teahouse (Ten Speed Press, August 2016).

She is fluent in Chinese, having lived and worked in Taiwan for eight years. Her appreciation of everything from Chinese haute cuisine to streetsnacks provided her with rare entrée into local society. She met and dined with gourmands and scholars there who helped her understand the nuances of China’svaried cuisines, and discussed dishes with famous epicures such as the renowned artist Chang Dai-chien. She also pestered proprietors of local restaurants and food stalls into handing over their family recipes and secret techniques.

Following her return to the States, Phillips became a Mandarin interpreter for the stateand federal courts, working with attorneys on multimillion-dollar lawsuits andfederal cases.

During her off hours she ferreted out traditional recipes and classic cooking styles.Phillips retired from the courts five years ago to devote herself fully to foodwriting. Her  book on Chinese cuisine was published by McSweeney’s in 2014. Her work can also be found in such well-known food writing venues as Lucky Peach and Pork Memoirs.An accomplished artist with a junior blackbelt in kickboxing, she is a member of the IACP and lives in California with her husband of three decades, the author J. H. Huang.

Carolyn Phillips 是一名美食作家,她在台湾生活工作了八年,从那时起她就爱上了中餐,她的书对中国华侨食谱进行了广泛的调查。对于挑选自己最爱的菜,她没有疑虑,并且为美国厨师提供了实用建议。她著有两部作品,一本是All Under Heaven,书中集结了35道中式菜肴;另一本为The Dim Sum Field Guide,她结合了中国的饮食文化对中国的传统茶点进行了分类和描述。她的先生是作家J. H. Huang ,他的作品为 SunTzu’s Art of War,这本书不仅仅只是对《孙子兵法》的简单翻译,并加入了他个人的全新理念。


Carolyn will be in conversation with Li Yibing is a well known food writer in Chengdu. She has published a book 《成都“苍蝇馆子”全攻略》 with Jinsong Zhou.



About the Books


ALL UNDER HEAVEN: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China

Written by Carolyn Phillips

A comprehensive, contemporary portrait of China’s culinary landscape and the geography and history that has shaped it, with more than 300 recipes.
Vaulting from ancient taverns near the Yangtze River to banquet halls in modern Taipei, All Under Heaven is the first cook book in English to examine all 35 cuisines of China. Drawing on centuries’ worth of culinary texts, as well as her own years working, eating, and cookingin Taiwan, Carolyn Phillips has written a spirited, symphonic love letter to the flavors and textures of Chinese cuisine. With hundreds of recipes–from simple Fried Green Onion Noodles to Lotus-Wrapped Spicy Rice Crumb Pork–written withclear, step-by-step instructions, All Under Heaven serves as both a handbook for the novice and a source of inspiration for the veteran chef.(Los Angeles Times: Favorite Cookbooks of 2016)

The Dim Sum Field Guide

Written by Carolyn Phillips

A whimsically illustrated yet authoritative guide to the “taxonomy” of dim sum, based on a popular Lucky Peach story.

Author and illustrator Carolyn Phillips demystifies the rich,nuanced culinary institution of teahouse snacks in The Dim Sum Field Guide, a pocket-size, definitive resource featuring 80 hand-drawnillustrations. With entries for all the dim sum classics–including siu mai,xiaolongbao, char siu, roast duck, and even sweets like milk tarts and black sesame rolls–this handy reference is perfect for bringing on-the-go to your next dim sum outing. Armchair travelers and Asian food enthusiasts alike willbe delighted by this detailed yet accessible look at the distinctly Chinese art of eating well.(NPR’s Best Books of 2016)

Carolyn will be joined by her husband J.H. Huang who wrote the book below on Sun Tzu and the Art of War.

The Art of War Sun Tzu

 by J.H. Huang 

This is a landmark translation of the Chinese classic that is without a doubt one of the most important books of all time. Sun-Tzu is not simply another of many translations already available,but an entirely new text, based on manuscripts recently discovered in Linyi, China, that predates all previous texts by as much as one thousand years. .



“苍蝇馆子”是成都人特有的一个称呼,隐含着成都人幽默的自我嘲讽。在成都人的心目中,“苍蝇馆子”泛指那些面积很小、卫生环境很一般甚至很差的小饭馆,但是,这些小饭馆的味道确实不错,叫人称绝、令人难忘。而且,“苍蝇馆子”消费水平较低,非常平民化,所有的东西都很家常甚至“原始”,不会让人感觉到拘谨和不自在,而是让人感觉亲切。比如:消毒的方式是碗筷在开水里煮的,菜单是用粉笔写在小黑板上的,老式的木桌和藤椅仿佛就是儿时在外婆外公家里用过玩过的一样…… 李倚冰、周劲松编著的《成都“苍蝇馆子”全攻略》图文并茂带领读者一起找寻成都美食,并详细介绍地址、电话以及实际消费情况,招牌菜品特点等,通过精选出的150家,诠释了“成都苍蝇馆子”的独特与魅力。书中讲述了极具代表性的几家“苍蝇馆子”不老的传奇故事。

Carolyn Phillips‘ visit is presented by the U.S Consulate-General in Chengdu.

7月9日下午3点半,来自美国的美食作家Carolyn Phillips、成都当地知名博主李倚冰将做客老书虫分享他们各自对美食的理解,同喜欢美食的你畅聊中国传统美食及制作美食的乐趣。

Carolyn Phillips的这次到访得到美国驻成都总领事馆的邀约和支持。


活动时间 TIME:

Sunday, July 9th, 3.30PM, 2017



@ the Bookworm (2-7, East Yujie St., 28 Sect. 4th,South Renmin Rd)



双语活动 BILINGUAL(the main language is Chinese 中文为主)

Storytelling Open Mic


An Unforgrttable Adventure


Friday ,June 30th,8.00PM, 2017


@ the Bookworm (2-6, East Yujie St., 28 Sect. 4th,South Renmin Rd)



Comedy Open Mic

Stand Up Comedy Open Mic Night

Saturday 8:30 PM, July 8th



@ The Bookworm

Host: Rob Brien

Think about trying Stand Up Comedy? Come to show your talent at The Bookworm !

We provide you the stage and 2 free beers!

Poetry Reading & Talk With Athena Farrokhzad


Sunday ,June 18th,7.00PM, 2017


@ the Bookworm

(2-7, East Yujie St., 28 Sect. 4th,South Renmin Rd)



About the Poetry

White Blight, translated by Jennifer Hayashida, Athena Farrokhzad makes a powerful debut for English-language readers–one that is even more powerful set against the backdrop of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and the bigotry and hatred spewed by current U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. The original Swedish language version, Vitsit, was nominated for numerous awards and has even been staged as a play. The book, perhaps a take on Farrokhzad’s own life, from being born in Iran and immigrating to Sweden, is an important contribution to the literature of diaspora.
My father said: Your brother shaved before his beard started to grow
Your brother saw the terrorist’s face in the mirror
and wanted a flat iron for Christmas

My brother said: Some day I want to die in a country
where people can pronounce my name

Throughout the book, there are only two pages where the text is not attributed to other speakers. The very first page, which serves as an introduction of sorts before launching into the litany of statements by the other voices, and then, startlingly, a single phrase shortly into the collection: “The past is an assault never to be completed.” The experience of the war in Iran, immigrating, and living in exile has severely affected each member of the family and how they relate to one another. The past continues to be an assault in the present. It conditions the family members’ relationships to everything else including to each other. In one particularly poignant statement, the narrator’s brother says, “Your family will never be resurrected like roses after a fire.”

The effect recalls obliteration–the literal writing over of something–but also foregrounds whiteness in a text that opens with the narrator accusing her mother of letting “bleach run through her syntax.” Ultimately, the visual effect contributes to the starkness of the language, powerfully sets a rhythm to the work by slowing down the reading of the poem, and serves as a way of isolating the speakers who seem to have a hard time connecting with one another.

White Blight is a thoroughly captivating read from beginning to finish. Hayashida’s translation of Farrokhzad powerfully captures a family who has gone through war, torture, exile, and racism, capturing the way those experiences continue to bear out–the way people continue to carry their experiences and traumas, and the way those experiences and traumas may continue to affect their relationships going forward. White Blight is a profoundly human and humane book whose English translation has appeared at an important time.

About the Author

Farrokhzad is an Iranian-born poet and playwright who grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Originally published in Swedish (under the titleVitsvit, literally “jokewhite”), White Blight was translated into English by Jennifer Hayashida and published by Argos Books. It’s told entirely through the voices of five characters (a mother, a father, a brother, an uncle, and a grandmother), moving between them in sections of recalled speech: “My father said: There is a war that takes place in the guts”; “My grandmother said: Pistachios for the toothless.” The effect can at times seem like a verse drama (Vitsvit has been performed on the stage in Sweden), but the quick pivots between perspectives feel more like the leaps between sections of a long poem than gaps in spoken dialogue—characters almost never explicitly address what the others have said.

Kids Story-telling

Kids Story-telling


Sunday, June 18th, 11:00AM

11:00-11:30  for kids aged 3 to 6

11:40-12:10  for kids aged over 6

50RMB each kid(including a hot chocalate or  fresh juice)

A Booktalk with Garrett H. Jones

Garrett Jones will present Catharsis, in which he explores Calvinism and how he sees it has influenced modern religion.

About the Author
Garrett H. Jones lives out the word contrast. He is a homegrown, sweet-tea-raised, t-ball champion from Augusta, Georgia (USA). He co-founded Extravagant Yak Travel Company, which keeps him, his wife and four blonde children in Chengdu, the gateway city to…pretty much everywhere now. His family also hails from Vancouver and Atlanta, where they regularly visit. Despite all the travel, he is actually a homebody that just wants to stay at home with his wife and watch their kids grow very, very slowly. When he is not with them, he can also be found in a local cafe with a latte and his computer.

Friday, May 19th   7.30PM

@Chengdu Bookworm


In Conversation with Geraldine Brooks


Geraldine Brooks grew up in Sydney, obtained her BA from the University of Sydney and worked as a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald. After winning a scholarship to complete a masters in journalism at Columbia University, she worked for a decade as a foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans.

After two works of non-fiction, she turned to historical fiction – to dazzling success. Covering time periods from 1666 England to the American Civil War, and themes as diverse as book conservation and slavery, her richly layered, deeply researched novels have won readers and accolades across the globe, including the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for March.

Two of Brooks’ novels, Caleb’s Crossing and People of the Book, were both New York Times best sellers.  Year of Wonders is an international bestseller, translated into more than 25 languages, including in Chinese.

In 2010 she received the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for lifetime achievement, and in 2016 she was made an Officer of the Order of Australia. She has been a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies at Harvard University.

Brooks lives with her family and various animals by an old mill pond on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and spends as much time as possible in Australia.

In Conversation with Laura Li, QSI International School

Sunday, May 14 | 6pm | The Bookworm | 50 rmb (includes a Drink)

 Geraldine Brooks’ visit is part of Australian Writers Week in China (10-18 May 2017); presented by the Australian Embassy in Beijing, Consulates-General in Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund.

Comedy Open Mic

Comedy Open Mic

Stand Up Comedy Open Mic Night


Saturday 8:00 PM, May 6th






@ The Bookworm


Host: Rob Brien

主持:Rob Brien

Think about trying Stand Up Comedy? Come to show your talent at The Bookworm !


We provide you the stage and 2 free beers!


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