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Valentine’s Day Special Menu

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Take your Valentine’s date for a romantic dinner at The Bookworm Chengdu and celebrate the day of romance with great food:


Starter 前菜:

Mango and strawberry salad, with mozzarella cheese, roasted peanuts and sesame dressing / 芒果草莓沙拉配花生粒 (35RMB)

Main course 主菜:

Grilled salmon over mashed potatoes and steamed onions with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce / 煎三文鱼配土豆泥和蔬菜 (90RMB)

Dessert 甜点:

Cointreau marinated strawberries with cream / 酒酿草莓配奶油 (35RMB) and Homemade Baileys-chocolated truffles (2 pieces) / 自制百利甜巧克力球(2颗)

Wine 葡萄酒:

2 glasses of wine of the house per person (white or red) 每人两杯葡萄酒(白或红)

Price: 200 RMB per person 价格:200/一位

If you wouldn’t like to buy the whole set, it’s possible to pay for each dish at the prices above. Please note: the chocolate truffles are NOT for sale separately.



All you need is love (and good food)!





第四期《麻辣》的主题是“重建” (Reconstruction). 如果你的作品与这个主题相关是最好不过的,但如果没有也没有关系。具体事项请参见《麻辣》杂志网站的投稿页面: 该网站目前还是英文版本,但相关内容即将被翻译成中文,敬请期待。我们也将在这里和各地老书虫微信平台上更新相关信息。



MaLa Issue 4 on the theme ‘Reconstruction’ is now accepting submissions!

This issue is looking for Chinese creaters of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art
Your writing will be translated and published alongside international writing and artwork to create The Bookworm’s next literary journal

Submissions accepted until April 10th 2015

Read the submission guidelines at:




Our service on Monday, February 2nd (all day) will be restricted to beverage service due to the maintance in the kitchen. Our normal service will resume on Tuesday, February 3rd. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The Bookworm Chengdu




Des Bishop: Breaking China (screening)


January 27th, Tuesday, 7:00pm (free entry)


We are going to screen all 6 episodes, 25minutes each.


This brand new six part series follows the adventures of Irish-American writer and comedian Des Bishop as he moves to China for a year in order to learn mandarin and eventually attempt to perform a one-man stand up comedy show for a Chinese audience.

There are a couple of problems though – the locals are unaware of the subtleties of western style comedy and are laughing for all the wrong reasons. Is Des’ attempt to explore comedy in a foreign country and a strange culture a task too far?

Part reality, part travel, part humour, Des’ new Chinese project will follow his move to Beijing, his fumbling first steps in Mandarin, his adventures with the local kids. His Chinese host family will encompass the quirks of an intriguing nation that is changing at a blistering pace.

Over the six episodes Des will go to Chinese university, share everyday life with the family and explore the wider China beyond. He plans to set up his own comedy club in a Beijing city venue and with luck build a loyal following and a successful business. By journey’s end he even hopes to make his name on Chinese television which attracts the largest audiences on the planet.


朗诵 第三期

时间:1月28号  晚7:30








时间 : 2015年1月25日 15:00 , 门票 : 30元/场


纪录/剧情 | 中国大陆 | 客家方言/中英字 | 103min


2013年 西安国际影像节 青年导演扶持计划基金奖
2014年 中国独立影像展 主竞赛单元 最高奖
2014年 北京独立电影节 开幕片 获评委会奖
2014年 哈尔滨新月独立影像展 开幕片
2014年 长春青年电影节 开幕片
2014年 大连艺术电影节 主展映单元
2014年 中国纪录片学院奖
2014年 印度新德里Visible evidence international conference on documentary

2006 《阳春之春》
2008 《家谱》
2012 《关于张科长的日常》
2013 《鹅凰嶂逸事》


Bookworm’s publishing house and annual literary award


A new chapter for The Bookworm as it launches publishing house and annual literary award

BEIJING – The Bookworm has announced the launch of the China Bookworm Press, an independent publishing venture that will publish contemporary fiction and non-fiction from China and make it available to a wider international audience in translation. The Press will be registered in Hong Kong with the goal of publishing overseas.

The Press will also run the China Bookworm Literary Award, an annual award for a previously unpublished novel by a Mainland Chinese writer. The entrants selected first, second and third will receive a cash prize of 5000RMB, 2500RMB, and 1000RMB respectively. In addition, the winning novel shall be translated into English and published by the China Bookworm Press.

The China Bookworm Press is part of the Bookworm group that runs independent bookstores and cafes in Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou, and the annual China Bookworm Literary Festival which will celebrate its 9th year in 2015 (March 13-29).

Speaking today in Beijing, The Bookworm group’s general manager Peter Goff said: “We are very excited to be launching this publishing venture today. We feel this is a very natural fit with our bookstores in Beijing, Chengdu and Suzhou, and our annual literary festival and year-round literary events programme. There is an abundance of literary talent here and very strong traditions, and the press will aim to showcase the best of contemporary Chinese writing to international audiences.”


He added that through the literary festival and event programme, and the fact that the Bookworm is a founding member of the Word Alliance (, an association that joins together eight of the world’s leading literary festivals, “we have been supporting and showcasing the work of Chinese writers for many years already. This publishing wing enables us to bring that support to a new level.”

The Bookworm also publishes Mala – the China Bookworm Literary Journal (, and is coordinating the Flash Europa 28 project in association with the Delegation of the European Union to China to bring creative short fiction from all 28 EU member states to the interested Chinese reader (

Full details for the China Bookworm Press and the China Bookworm Literary Award can be found on

For further information, contact







老书虫集团的总经理Peter Goff今天在北京说:“我们为出版社的成立感到非常兴奋。与我们已有的在北京,成都及苏州的书店, 年度文学节, 以及全年各类文学活动联系在一起,我们感觉这是一个非常自然的融合。这片土地上既有大量的文学人才,又有丰厚的传统,而我们出版社将力求向世界各地读者展现最好的中国当代文学作品。”

Peter Goff还说到,作为Word Alliance ( (一个聚集了8个全球顶级文学节的协会)的创办成员之一,在过去的很多年中,通过举办文学节和各类文学活动,我们已经在支持与推广中国作家的作品。而这次出版社的成立,将把这种支持推上新的高度。”




Des Bishop Comedy Show

Des Bishop, January 31st SMALLER

Saturday, January 31st 2015, 8:00pm (in English)


Des Bishop is coming to town!

Well known for his standup comedy in Ireland, as well as his television series: Ireland – The Des Bishop Work Experience (2004), Joy in the Hood (2006), In the Name of the Fada (2008) – Des Bishop – is visiting The Bookworm Chengdu.

Des came to China in February 2013 to try and learn enough Chinese to do stand-up comedy in Mandarin, to make Chinese audience laugh. Now he makes the whole world laugh about his unique experience!

As CityWeekend describes him: “The openness and honesty of his presenting style combined with his restless imagination and insightful comic observations make Des Bishop a “must-see” for fans of unique, enquiring and entertaining comedy. Undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic forces on the international comedy circuit Des continues to travel the world over with his stand up shows.”

Definietely not-to-be-missed show!

See the interview with Des Bishop taken in The Bookworm Beijing.

The show will be hosted by Rob Brien.

Tickets are available at The Bookworm Chengdu: 100rmb presale, 130rmb on day of show (price includes a beer/a glass of wine and popcorn)


In cooperation with:







Screening: From Border to Border in Tangra

18日放映会 (1)

Sunday, January 18th, 3:00pm – 5:30pm (ticket: 30rmb)

Languages in the movie: Hakka Chinese/ Cantonese/ Hindi/ Bengali/ English/ Mandarin

Subtitles: English and Chinese

Length: 108min.

台湾|客語 / 粤语 / 印地语 / 孟加拉国语 / 英语 / 普通话




Calcutta, with its history of British colonization and as a city where different racial groups and cultures coexist, has things that other Indian cities don’t have, such as Chinatown and the Chinese Breakfast. About 200 years ago, starving and homeless in their hometowns, Chinese immigrants started out on their long journey to Calcutta, the Land of Gold in colonized India.

Condemned to the lowest class of the society under the caste system, jobs such as shoe-making, laundering, tanning, and amateur dental prosthesis have become standard professions for local Chinese immigrants. The long history of the marginalization of Chinese Indians has resulted in confused senses of identity and a deep sense of prejudice on both sides. An invisible wall has been built between the Chinese Indian population and the rest of India. “From Border to Border” portrays the comes and goes of Chinese Indians in the past 200 years. It presents the marginalized experience of three generations of Chinese Indians, and pieces together the silenced history of Chinese Indians and the ever-changing future.


2014 Taiwan International women Movie Exihibition/ First Prize of Taiwan
2014 TIDF Taiwan International Documentary Exihibition
2014 Taipei Film Festival /Dcumentary Final List
2014 Beijing Independent Movie Exihibition
2014 Humanity Explored
2014 台湾国际女性影展&台湾竞赛:首奖
2014 TIDF 台湾国际纪录片影展
2014 台北电影节/入围台北电影奖竞赛类纪录片&百万竞赛片
2014 社会公义奖
2014 北京独立影像展
2014 网上纪录片电影节:Humanity Explored
Screening Organizer : Bush Definition

Storytelling Open Mic

storytelling open mic WEIXIN

Monday, March 9th, 7:30pm (free entry)

Theme: A Stranger

Language: English

Have you always loved telling stories or listening to the amazing stories of others? We have started a new event – Storytelling Night –  with a new theme each time, to celebrate the time-honoured art of telling stories! The 2nd meeting will take place on Monday, March 9th at 7:30pm with the theme: A Stranger.

If you would like to perform please send a request before Sunday, March 8th 7:00pm to Please note, each storyteller should take no more than 7 minutes.

If you prefer just listening, bring your friends and come along to enjoy the fine art of storytelling!


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